This was kind of quickly done because it was a birthday present, and I wanted it finished on time.

Practicing colors.

JIN ft. Haruna Luna - Kisaragi Attention
Mekakucity Actors
Kisaragi Attention
by JIN ft. Haruna Luna


グール [gūru] - a carnivorous species that is only able to feed on humans and other ghouls.


hero of ferelden at its finest


Mako’s Hallelujah Moments


A print I’m planning to make aakdlfjalkdsf. This is like a rehash of my old postcard print I made last year??? well…somewhat LOLOL

…I really like painting skies.

and this took me like 6-7 hours bye. Painting is so fun maybe I should try doing it like this away again next time!

Eyyyyyy sorry for the lack of updates. My finals are in 2 weeks oops.

why won’t my teams ban jax